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Self-Storage Pricing, Sizes & Solutions for Montreal, QC

FindStorageFast has the best selection of cheap storage solutions at Montreal storage facilities located near you. Right now, Montreal has 30 facilities available with various unit sizes and prices to suit your needs. There are 22 facilities with climate-controlled storage, 13 facilities with drive up options, with 24-hour access and 19 available with vehicle storage options.

Currently the lowest price self storage unit available is $70. The lowest price for a 5x10 unit right now is $109 and the lowest price for a 10x10 unit currently is $155. Regardless of the price, many facilities on our website offer great deals like 1st month FREE.

The average price of self storage in Montreal is $209.20 per month. The average price for a 5x10 unit right now is $133 and the average price for a 10x10 unit currently is $199.

If you need storage in a nearby location or want to explore price and amenity options in areas close by, you can view the storage units available in Lasalle, Laval, and Gatineau as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are storage units in Montreal?

Monthly rates start at $70.00 for small units, $155.00 for medium units and $200.00 for large units. Depending on where you need storage in Montreal, there are several price points to meet your budget. Compare prices at 30 Montreal storage facilities and lock in the lowest price today.

What does a 10x10 storage unit cost?

The average cost of a 10x10 storage unit in Montreal is $199.00 per month. A 10x10 storage unit is the most common size unit rented in Montreal in 2022.

How much does a 10x20 storage unit cost?

The average cost of a 10x20 storage unit is $341.00 per month in Montreal. A 10x20 storage unit is a large unit and can fit the contents of a 2 bedroom house.

What size of storage unit do I need for a 1 bedroom apartment?

A 5x10 storage unit is suitable for a 1 bedroom apartment. It is great for furniture such as a mattress set, couch, dining room table, chairs, and boxes.

Pricing for Storage Units in Montreal, QC

Unit Size Average Monthly Price Lowest Price
5'x5' $96.00 $70.00
5'x10' $133.00 $109.00
10'x10' $199.00 $155.00
10'x15' $277.00 $198.00
10'x20' $341.00 $200.00

Montreal Storage Units Near You

Renting Montreal Self Storage Near You

FindStorageFast has partnered with over 40 of the best storage facilities in Montreal to consistently offer you the lowest storage prices and the most storage options. We show all the top facilities in Montreal in one place, so you can find the best storage units near you. We have made renting storage in Montreal very easy.

Comparing Montreal Storage Units

Montreal storage comes in many different sizes and prices. If you are looking for full service Montreal storage, EXPACE Entreposage will pick up and deliver with door to door service, and your first month is free. We work with well known brands Public Storage, Depotium Self Storage and StorageMart all across the city who offer great deals like from 1st month free and first month for $1.  We also work with independents like Montreal Mini who offers lowest prices guaranteed and Stor-wel on 17th Ave, who offers 3rd month free. Simply choose the storage facilities in Montreal near you, compare prices and deals, read reviews, browse photos and book online for free.

Public Storage Montreal

Public Storage in Montreal offers first month for $1 at all of its Montreal facilities. They also offer packing and storage supplies to make the entire moving process easy. There are nine Montreal Public Storage locations in Montreal all offering cheap storage units. 400 De La Salle Avenue, 5555 Rue Iberville, and 9445 Rue Jean Pratt are 3 very convenient locations. Public Storage units range from 25-300 square feet, providing a solution for everyones storage needs. Another great storage company is Depotium, whose locations range from downtown Montreal, Villeray, Lachine, Pointes-Aux-Trembles to Valleyfield, Joiette, Longueuil-St-Hubert, to Trois-Rivières.

How does seasonality affect Montreal self-storage prices?

Storage prices in Montreal can be more volatile than other cities. Prices can vary depending on the time of year or current weather pattern. Montreal self-storage prices are highest in June and lowest in December. Low temperatures can cause freezing which can be harmful to stored items like furniture and vehicles. If you're storing items that could be damaged by cold weather, rent yourself a climate controlled storage unit. Its worth the extra cost knowing your belongings are safe and secure. Depotium and Entreposage Montreal Mini Storage are both great options for climate-controlled storage!

Finding Cheap Student Storage in Montreal

Storage facilities in Montreal understand that students are not cheap, they simply don't have disposable income and need cheap storage. Storage Mart and Public Storage in Montreal offer cheap student storage with deals ranging from $1 for first months rent to first month free. Make sure to check out all the listings on the site and call around as many operators will often offer a free moving truck to boot.

How much do storage units cost?

Average cost of storage units in Montreal

Storage Unit SizesAverage Monthly Cost
Small Units    5x5 - 5x10$96.00
Medium Units  10x10 - 10x15$199.00
Large Units   10x20 - 10x30$341.00

How much does a 10x10 storage unit cost?

The average cost of a 10x10 storage unit is $199.00 per month

We hope this helps you in finding the best storage unit in Montreal.

-The FindStorageFast team

Storage Unit Size Guide

Size Description
Small Storage Unit (5 x 5)5'x5'

25 square feet, the size of a small closet. Good for chairs, cabinets, electronics, boxes.

Small Storage Unit (5 x 10)5'x10'

50 square feet, the size of a large walk-in closet. Good for a mattress set, couch, dining room tables, chairs, boxes.

Medium Storage Unit (5 x 15)5'x15'

75 square feet, the size of a small bedroom. Good for large dining sets, desks, cabinets, mattress sets, washer/dryer.

Medium Storage Unit (10 x 10)10'x10'

100 square feet, the size of a large bedroom. Good for bedroom sets, refrigerator, large drawers, multiple boxes.

Medium Storage Unit (10 x 15)10'x15'

150 square feet, the size of a small one car garage. Good for multiple bedroom sets, large appliances, smaller cars, boats, other vehicles, patio sets.

Large Storage Unit (20 x 20)10'x20'

200 square feet, the size of a standard one car garage. Good for multiple bedroom sets, trucks, trailers, large furniture items, mid size vehicles, miscellaneous items.

Large Storage Unit (10 x 30)10'x30'

300 square feet, the size of a two car garage. Good for multiple bedroom sets, appliances, large furniture, patio sets, seasonal items.